Amphenol’s new sensor tech detects thermal runaway

Amphenol Advanced Sensors’ new sensor know-how platform, Sturdy Early Detection of Thermal Runaway (REDTR), is designed to detect battery cell faults that end in battery venting (see the recent Charged webinar on this subject).

Burdened Li-ion batteries can endure failure by a wide range of elements. Failure can lead to an inner response that generates warmth and causes chemical decomposition of the cell, which might quickly speed up into thermal runaway. When this happens, the cell vents gases, which Amphenol’s REDTR sensor system can quickly detect inside a battery enclosure.

Amphenol says REDTR responds to venting no matter cell measurement, electrochemistry and battery pack configuration, from a single level throughout the pack. This sensor know-how has an marketed efficiency lifetime of as much as 20 years in a compact configuration that can be utilized as a standalone machine or built-in straight into the battery administration system structure. The corporate claims REDTR can establish the preliminary cell vent inside seconds and qualify whether or not the occasion is contained or cascading to adjoining cells by monitoring varied bodily facets of the cell ejecta plume. Quick detection allows speedy countermeasures.

Supply: Amphenol