EV West unveils Tesla crate motor for EV conversion tasks

EV conversion one-stop store EV West has introduced a brand new Tesla crate motor equipment designed to transform V8 muscle vehicles to EVs. The drop-in package deal consists of an entire Tesla drive unit, together with inverter and mounting brackets.

“Our new Revolt Tesla crate motor mounts to your small block motor mounts and attaches on to your driveshaft, permitting you to make use of your current rear axle,” says EV West.

Tesla electrical motors are already common with the conversion crowd. EV West’s new product ought to make the method of mounting the motor a lot easier.

Opposite to what some consider (and what a few credulous media shops reported), changing a fuel automobile to electrical drive isn’t typically thought of an affordable various to purchasing an OEM automobile. An EV West consultant informed EV fan Robert Straith that the brand new crate motor unit, which must be out there in a month or two, will value round $30,000, and estimated that including a battery pack and different obligatory parts may carry the price of an entire powertrain to round $50,000.

When you add the price of the unique automobile and the expert labor, it’s possible you’ll discover that the price of a conversion is larger than that of a brand-new Tesla. Conversions are for individuals who have an attachment to a specific classic automobile and may afford to pay for what they need, or for mechanically proficient people who love the problem.

Be that as it could, the conversion market thrives (as does the marketplace for personalized, modified and tuned ICE autos). EV West says it has an enormous backlog for changing buyer vehicles. Title any automobile you want, from the humblest to probably the most prestigious, and there’s most likely an electrified model of it on the highway someplace. The EV Photo Album gives technical particulars of over 4 thousand conversions, from lawnmowers to Lamborghinis.

Supply: Electrek