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Advantages of Good Welding

There are lots of kinds of welding used for the interconnection of battery packs. Laser, resistance, spot, and many others. are just some of the frequent varieties. Good Welding was developed by Hesse Mechatronics to supply another choice. Good Welding is “wire bonding with out the wire” because it continues to make use of ultrasonic power to assist type the interconnection. The advantages of Good Welding is that you’ve a decrease value of possession when evaluating to wire bonding since you don’t use wire, wire guides, cutter blades, and also you don’t spend the time establishing the bond head or altering wire spools.  

Determine 2 Round Bond Device Doing Good Welding on Cylindrical Cell

Good Welding is a room-temperature course of. One main concern with laser welding is the potential for extreme warmth to penetrate the detrimental terminal and trigger thermal runaway, which is able to result in catastrophic failure.  


Hesse’s patented PiQC (Course of Built-in High quality Management) is among the parts that makes this a “sensible” welder. We monitor as much as 5 variables in the course of the interconnection course of. No different welder in the marketplace has such sophistication. If the PiQC sensor detects a top quality index lower than the set threshold, the machine may cease or ship a sign to the barcode notifying that the precise bond wants additional assessment. Determine 3 shows a PiQC screen-shot. 

Determine 3 Display screen-shot of PiQC

Cell and Busbar Metallization

Ideally, the busbar materials ought to be aluminum. Al1145 is the most effective kind. Different Al varieties equivalent to 3003, 5052, or 6061 will suffice. Should you use a Cu busbar, you’ll have to clear the Cu earlier than wire bonding because of the oxide layer, or you might plate it with ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) or ENEPIG (Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold). These are off-the-shelf chemistries which can be wonderful for Good Welding. Discuss with the IPC specs for 4556 and 4552. All busbar materials ought to be half-hard mood. The general thickness of the tabs that can get ultrasonically hooked up to the cylindrical cell ought to be .3mm thick and 1mm thick, relying on the present generated. 


There are lots of methods to interconnect cylindrical cells in a battery pack. Wire bonding is frequent as a result of it has a decrease value of possession mannequin than laser welding. Good Welding would actually have a decrease value of possession than wire bonding, however the busbar wants a unique design. One key problem is that Good Welding is a room-temperature course of and that no exterior warmth will get generated. One main concern with laser welding is that if extreme warmth penetrates the detrimental terminal, the cell may go into thermal runaway. Resistance welders have little to no in-line course of monitoring. Good Welding can be safer and supply real-time high quality information in your interconnections. 

Hesse Buyer Options is one other Hesse division that gives manufacturing service for wire bonding or sensible welding of battery packs and different microelectronic gadgets. Additionally, Hesse Buyer Options gives course of help, on-line help, coaching, and value of possession critiques. Contact us so we may focus on your utility with you. https://www.hesse-mechatronics.com/en/customer-solutions/ 

Determine 4  Hesse Buyer Options Battery Pack

Hesse Mechatronics is a producer of wire, ribbon bonders, and Good Welders. For extra data, please contact [email protected]

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