This weblog submit will undergo each train that can assist deal with your Rhomboid muscle ache.

What’s Rhomboid Muscle Ache?

Rhomboid muscle ache is skilled as a ache between the shoulder blade and backbone. (see image)

It’s typically attributable to a pressure, spasm or muscle knot within the Rhomboid muscle.

(Additionally known as: Shoulder blade ache, Ache between the shoulder blades, Higher again ache.)

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What causes Rhomboid Muscle ache?

rounded shoulders rhomb muscle pain

One of many predominant causes of ache between the shoulder blades is dangerous posture (particularly Rounded shoulders).

Having dangerous posture will have a tendency to position the shoulder blade in an ineffective place to perform optimally.

This may result in the overloading of the muscle groups that management the scapula.

When you have dangerous posture, the Rhomboid Main/Minor (and the center/decrease trapezius) are compelled to work tougher as they try to tug the shoulder again.

This downside is amplified by the quantity of time that you’re sitting with that dangerous posture!

Workout routines to repair Rhomboid Muscle Ache

Comply with these 16 easy steps to lastly get some Rhomboid muscle ache reduction!

1. Launch the painful space

Releasing the interscapular ache area will assist ease the stress going by means of the Rhomboids.

(I like to recommend utilizing a lacrosse therapeutic massage ball because it has the correct amount of firmness with out being too uncomfortable to make use of.)

How do I chill out my Rhomboid muscle?

how do i release a tight rhomboid


  • Place the therapeutic massage ball on the website of the Rhomboid muscle ache.
  • Apply as a lot of your physique weight as comfortably tolerated on prime of the therapeutic massage ball.
  • To extend the discharge, transfer your arm in a up/down movement. (see above)
  • Goal these painful areas!
    • The extra tight and/or overactive the muscle is, the extra ache there will likely be. Don’t cease!
  • Don’t maintain your breath. Loosen up.
  • Proceed for 3-5 minutes.

2. Stretch the Rhomboids

Muscle tissue which can be over lively will are typically those that harm essentially the most.

By stretching the overactive Rhomboid muscle groups, it’ll assist them chill out and lead to a discount within the ache between the shoulder blades.

rhomboid muscle pain stretch


  • Seize a big train ball.
  • Proceed to wrap your arms across the ball so far as you’ll be able to.
  • Hunch your higher again as a lot as potential as you push your palms away from you.
  • Look down.
  • Intention to really feel a stretch within the area the place you expertise ache.
  • Maintain for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat 3 occasions.

READ THIS: Do NOT over stretch the Rhomboids!

(This may increasingly trigger the muscle to develop into even weaker).

Intention to stretch it simply sufficient so that there’s a discount within the ache between the shoulder blades.

3. Apply Ice or Warmth

a) Ice

Making use of ice will assist numb the muscular ache.

In case your ache is extreme, take into account inserting an ice pack over the Rhomboid area for 5-10 minutes.

b) Warmth

Making use of warmth will assist chill out the muscle groups in between the shoulder blades.

Take into account taking a scorching bathe or making use of a scorching pack for at the very least 10 minutes.

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4. Shoulder circles

This train will assist heat up the painful muscle groups and encourage extra blood to the goal areas.


  • Place your finger suggestions in your shoulders.
  • Slowly (however firmly) draw giant circles together with your elbows in a backwards route.
  • Be sure that to squeeze the muscle groups between your shoulder blades as firmly as you’ll be able to.
    • Attempt to contract the world the place you expertise ache.
  • Maintain the neck utterly relaxed.
  • Repeat 30 occasions.

5. Shoulder pumps

Equally to shoulder circles, this train will assist heat up your painful muscle groups.

exercises for rhomboid pain


  • Place each palms (with elbows ahead) on the edges of your head. (see Begin place)
  • Convey your elbows all of the again. (see Finish place)
    • Be sure that to squeeze the muscle groups in between your shoulder blades as firmly as you’ll be able to.
  • Maintain for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat 30 occasions.
  • Be aware: If you happen to get a pinching ache within the shoulder, you might have Shoulder Impingement.

6. Launch different tight muscle groups

There are different muscle groups that pull the shoulder blade out of the best alignment.

This may trigger the Rhomboids to work excessively to tug it again into alignment. (… and thus resulting in your ache)

Right here’s an analogy: Take into consideration the sport of tug-of-war. As one facet pulls tougher, the opposite facet is compelled to work even tougher to counter act the elevated resistance.

By decreasing the stress in these opposing tight muscle groups, it’ll cut back the over exercise of the shoulder blade muscle groups.

a) Chest launch

chest release with ball


  • Find your Pec Main/Minor and Subclavius muscle.
    • Use Google in case you are uncertain of the situation.
  • Place this space on prime of a therapeutic massage ball.
  • Apply an acceptable quantity of physique weight onto the ball.
  • Proceed for 30 seconds.

b) Aspect launch

serratus anterior release rhomboid muscle pain


  • Find the Serratus Anterior and Latissimus Dorsi muscle on the facet of your rib cage.
    • Use Google in case you are uncertain of their location.
  • Place this space on prime of a foam curler.
  • Apply an acceptable quantity of physique weight onto the froth curler.
  • Proceed for 30 seconds.

7. Stretch tight muscle groups

a) Chest stretch

chest stretch for rhomboid muscle pain


  • Place each palms excessive up on a wall in entrance of you.
  • Lean firmly into your palms.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades again and down.
  • You need to really feel a stretch on the entrance of your chest.
  • Maintain for 30 seconds.

b) Serratus Anterior stretch

serratus anterior stretch


  • Lie down in your facet.
    • (backside facet will likely be focused)
  • Prop your higher physique onto your forearm.
  • Mild pull your shoulder blades backwards.
  • While holding your pelvis pinned to the bottom, attempt to push your torso as up proper as potential.
  • Place extra weight into your forearm as you sink into your grounded shoulder.
  • Intention to really feel a stretch on the facet of your ribs.
  • Take a deep breath into the world the place you are feeling the stretch. (Push your ribs and stomach out as a lot as you’ll be able to!)
  • Maintain this place for 1 minute while taking deep breaths.

Be aware: Mess around with the angle of your torso to get the right stretch over the Serratus Anterior muscle.

c) Latissimus Dorsi stretch

lat stretch


  • Assume the place above.
  • Maintain onto a door body together with your hand.
  • While anchoring your legs as proven, purpose to bend your mid part as a lot as potential.
    • Use your physique weight to sink into the stretch
  • Twist your pelvis away.
  • Intention to really feel a stretch on the facet of your torso and underneath the armpit area.
  • Maintain for 30 seconds.

8. Stretch the thoracic backbone

In case your backbone is used to being hunched forwards (Hunchback Posture), your shoulder blade goes to be positioned in poor place.

Stretching the thoracic backbone into extension will assist place these shoulder blade muscle groups in a greater place to perform.

Thoracic extension


  • Utilizing a rolled up towel or foam curler, place it in the course of your thoracic backbone (see above).
  • While supporting your head together with your palms behind your neck, roll your physique weight onto the froth curler.
  • Arch your thoracic space (higher again) backwards.
    • Don’t arch your decrease again!
  • Preserve this place for 1 minute.

9. Promote shoulder mobility

If you happen to lack full mobility of your shoulder joint, there will likely be compensatory adjustments in your posture.

If you happen to lack inside rotation: The shoulder will naturally hitch upwards/forwards and will trigger extra pressure to the muscle groups between the shoulder blades.

To examine for those who lack inside rotation:

shoulder mobility test


  • Lie down together with your shoulder at 90/90 place. (see above)
  • Drop your hand down in the direction of the bottom.
  • Outcomes: In case your shoulder pops up earlier than you attain 60-70 levels of pure shoulder motion, you then lack inside rotation.

To extend the interior rotation of the shoulder:

shoulder internal rotation


  • Place your hand as far up behind your again.
  • Pull your shoulders backwards firmly.
  • Carry your elbows in the direction of the backwards route.
  • Maintain for 60 seconds.
  • Repeat 3 occasions.
  • To progress this train: Do the identical train while mendacity in your again.

10. Strengthen your scapula muscle groups

Strengthening the muscle groups which can be accountable for optimum shoulder blade placement is important in addressing Rhomboid muscle ache.

a) Wall angel

strengthening exercises for rhomboid strain


  • Stand together with your again to a wall.
  • Maintain your again and arms pulled backwards as to stay in touch with the wall all through actions.
  • While remaining full contact with the wall, slide your arms up and down the wall.
  • Repeat 10-20 occasions.

Be aware: If you happen to can’t maintain your entire arm on the wall, step your toes barely away from the wall till you’ll be able to.

b) Rhomboid strengthening on flooring

rhomboid strengthening exercises


  • Lie on the ground dealing with downwards.
  • Have your arms reached out over your head on the ground.
  • While holding the stomach area in touch with the ground, elevate your arms up as excessive as potential.
  • Intention to really feel a agency contraction of the muscle groups between your shoulder blades.
  • Maintain for 5-10 seconds.
  • Repeat 10 occasions.

c) Incline shrugs


  • Lie face down on an inclined bench.
  • While holding weights in each palms, slowly (and with management) decrease your palms down in the direction of the bottom.
  • Let your shoulder blades be pulled forwards.
  • Pull the load up by squeezing the muscle groups between your shoulder blades collectively.
    • Maintain your arms straight all through this motion.
  • Pause on the prime of the motion for 5 seconds.
    • It is necessary that you may FEEL the agency contraction within the muscle groups between the shoulder blades.
  • Repeat 30 occasions.

11. Postural taping

Taping your shoulder place will enable you to keep the fitting posture and forestall you from defaulting again to dangerous posture.


  • Preserve a good posture by gently pulling your shoulders again right into a impartial place.
  • On the facet of your ache, place the tape ranging from collar bone and pull again and all the way down to the center of your thoracic backbone.
  • Ensure you place agency downward stress when making use of the tape.
  • If you happen to develop any itchiness, rashes or swelling from the tape, it could imply you’re allergic to it.
    • If that is so, take away it as quickly as potential.
  • Maintain it on for 1-2 days.

12. set off factors for Rhomboid Muscle ache

A set off level is part of the muscle the place there’s a vital quantity of elevated rigidity.

Having set off factors in sure muscle groups can refer ache between the shoulder blades.

What to do:

  • Apply a agency stress onto the set off level.
  • The purpose is to search out an space of rigidity.
  • Maintain for 30 seconds.

Listed here are the three predominant ones:

(I might suggest that you simply search for the precise location of those muscle groups on Google.)

a) Scalenes

rhomboid muscle pain trigger point scalene

b) Levator scapula

rhomboid muscle ache set off level scalene

c) Infrapsinatus

rhomboid muscle pain trigger point infraspinatus

13. Scale back publicity to aggravating actions

When are you experiencing your ache?

No matter it could be:

  • Both change it in order that it doesn’t make your ache worse,
  • or don’t do it in any respect!

A standard time when folks expertise ache between the shoulder blades is when they’re in entrance of a pc.

Be sure that your workstation helps you keep a greater posture!

If you wish to know precisely how to do that:

14. Repair your Posture!

The next postural distortions will particularly affect the shoulder blade area:

a) Rounded shoulders

rounded shoulders pain between the shoulder blades

Rounded Shoulders locations the shoulder blades ready the place the Rhomboids will continually be lively to counteract the ahead pull of the shoulder.

Take a look at this post to repair your Rounded shoulders!

b) Scapula Winging

winged scapula

Take a look at this post to repair Scapula Winging.

c) Uneven shoulders

uneven shoulders

Take a look at this post to repair your Uneven shoulders.

d) Thoracic kyphosis

bad posture

A hunched higher again could cause the shoulder blades to slouch forwards.

Take a look at this post to repair your Hunched again.

e) Twisted backbone

twisted spine

In case your backbone is twisted to at least one facet, it may drive one of many shoulders to go too far forwards.

This can lead to over exercise of the shoulder blade muscle groups within the try and counter-rotate the twist within the backbone.

Take a look at this post to repair your Twisted backbone.

15. Different potential causes for the ache

a) Referred ache from the Cervical and/or Thoracic backbone

Points originating within the Cervical and Thoracic backbone can refer ache to the shoulder blade area.

By addressing these areas, the ache between the shoulder blades is extra prone to resolve.

Get hold of a scan to those areas for those who suspect this could be the case.

b) Pressure to the Erector Spinae muscle groups

The Spinalis, Longissimus and Iliocostalis muscle groups are located beneath the Rhomboid muscle groups and are sometimes concerned with strains.

I discover that that is notably true in case you are have a twisted spine.

c) Dorsal Scapular Nerve points

If the ache tends to current as burning and/or tingling between the shoulder blade and backbone, this may occasionally recommend neurological involvement of the Dorsal Scapular Nerve.

The Dorsal Scapular nerve originates within the neck and travels downwards to connect to the Rhomboids.

This nerve tends to be overstretched in those that have rounded/depressed shoulders and might result in nerve ache within the Rhomboid area.

If you happen to really feel that that is your concern, I might recommend that you simply appropriate the place of your shoulder blades.

Usually talking – you’ll possible want to carry your shoulder blades in a extra elevated and retracted place.

d) Accidents to the ribs

Any trauma to the again of the ribs (particularly ribs 2-7) can current as ache between the shoulder blades.

If you happen to suspect a rib damage, please go to your physician and ask for a XRay right away.

16. Frequent questions:

1. How lengthy will it take to repair the ache between the shoulder blades?

It’s going to take so long as it takes.

(There aren’t any in a single day fixes right here, sadly!)

Stick with the beneficial steps talked about int his weblog submit over the following 4-6 weeks.

It has possible taken a lengthy time for the Rhomboid Muscle Ache to develop, so it will take some effort and time to eliminate it as properly.

It’s higher to repair this downside now quite than letting it develop into an even bigger downside sooner or later.

2. Why do I’ve Ache between shoulder blades when respiratory?

As you’re taking a breath in (particularly with a deep breath), it will trigger the rib cage to broaden.

As your muscle groups lay flat on the rib cage, the rib cage enlargement will stretch the muscle groups between your shoulder blades.

If the Rhomboids are strained/tight, it may trigger higher again ache when respiratory.

3. Why do I Have Rhomboid muscle ache whereas sleeping?

Rhomboid muscle pain after sleeping

That is most certainly as a result of facet sleeping place.

This place can place the scapula in a sub-optimal place which might enhance rigidity on the Rhomboids.

My Suggestion:

supported side sleeping for pain between the shoulder blades

If you want to sleep in your facet, make certain to make use of pillows to assist the load of your arms. (see above)

The aim with that is to attenuate the ahead place of the shoulder.

What to do subsequent

1. Any questions?… (Go away me a remark down beneath.)

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3. Begin doing the workout routines!