Taiwanese scooter and motorcycle producer KYMCO simply held its 2021 Time to Excite digital press convention to unveil a number of new fashions. Consistent with the its electrification trend over the last few years, 2021 additionally noticed a brand new electrical mannequin, the KYMCO F9, added to the corporate’s lineup.

KYMCO Chairman Allen Ko described the F9 upon its unveiling as “A cool city electrical motorbike outfitted with a 9.4 kW electrical motor and designed for road sport using.”

That will all be true, although it positively takes on extra of a scooter format once you see it within the photos beneath.

Semantics apart (and sure, scooters are technically a kind of motorbike), the KYMCO F9 is without doubt one of the extra aggressive wanting electrical scooters we’ve laid eyes on in fairly a while.

With a prime pace of 110 km/h (68 mph), this isn’t simply an city electrical scooter both. It’s quick sufficient to hit highways once in a while, even when that’s not its most important objective.

kymco f9

The 9.4 kW motor is listed as producing 30 Nm of torque, however that’s on the output shaft. Most producers present the bigger rear-wheel torque quantity and there’s no phrase but from KYMCO on that determine.

The 96V and 40Ah battery pack gives 3.84 kWh of capability, or roughly equal to an entry-level Zero FX or FXS electric motorcycle. That 17 kg (37 lb) non-removable battery is adequate for 120 km (75 miles) of vary based mostly on the New European Driving Cycle. KYMCO even claims it may be quick charged in simply 2 hours.

However maybe essentially the most fascinating facet of the brand new KYMCO F9 is its transmission.

Eschewing the standard single-speed direct transmission present in almost all different electrical scooters and most electrical bikes, KYMCO determined to incorporate a 2-speed computerized transmission within the F9.

That ought to enable for torquier begins and a shorter 0-60 mph time, although KYMCO solely revealed the 0-50 km/h (0-31 mph), which it clocks at 3 seconds.

The distinctive design of the F9’s chassis incorporates the battery as a pressured member, bringing the burden all the way down to 107 kg (235 lb).

The bike additionally contains 14-inch tires with “excessive cornering grip”, which the corporate claims ought to make the F9 “an especially fun-to-ride motorbike.”