The Tesla Cybertruck is definitely a phenomenon that has one way or the other transcended being merely an electrical pickup idea and it’s rapidly turn out to be a meme. Very similar to that photograph of a star’s bulbous posterior, when the Cybertruck was revealed, everyone on the web went nuts, both in favor or in opposition to it – however everyone observed it.

That’s why it’s a little bit of a shock to learn that LEGO has determined in opposition to providing a Cybertruck package, despite the fact that it might undeniably have been highly regarded. It was submitted on the LEGO Ideas platform, the place anyone can submit concepts and in the event that they acquire assist, the corporate considers promoting them as a package.

And the odd factor is that it did acquire assist – to ensure that an concept to be reviewed, it wants to achieve 10,000 supporters, which BrickinNick’s concept did. No clarification was provided – all they stated was

‘ Our staff has completely thought-about the potential for releasing this mission as a LEGO set in keeping with the standards of the LEGO Assessment. Sadly the LEGO Assessment Board has determined that we are going to not produce this mission as a set. ‘

Granted, they only choose one out of a number of dozen initiatives that attain the ten,000 supporters mark. And on this session, the successful design was an Earth globe mannequin made out of LEGO items. Do you assume this Cybertruck concept deserved to turn out to be a package?