Nexperia launches AEC-Q101-qualified, leadless CAN-FD safety diodes

Semiconductor producer Nexperia has introduced new leadless ESD safety gadgets for CAN-FD functions. Units can be found in leadless packages with side-wettable flanks that allow AOI instruments for use. Totally AEC-Q101-qualified, the PESD2CANFDx collection elements are designed to offer ESD and RF efficiency, and save PCB area.

Nexperia says its new DFN1412D-3 and DFN1110D-3 leadless DFN packages with side-wettable flanks occupy 80% much less PCB area than conventional SOT23 and SOT323 packages whereas delivering improved thermal habits as a consequence of a bigger inside lead body that features a heatsink and thermal pad.

The corporate says its PESD2CANFDx diodes are ESD-robust as a result of the elements have low clamping voltages of 33 V at IPP = 1 A and low dynamic resistance of 0.7 Ω. Nexperia additionally says its ESD safety gadgets supply superb RF switching parameters, that includes a mixed-mode insertion lack of +20 dB at 300 MHz.

Product supervisor Lukas Droemer mentioned, “CAN-FD is a crucial bus in automotive in-vehicle networks, however gadgets have to be protected towards ESD. One other important requirement for automotive functions is the flexibility to make use of AOI. Our new gadgets in leadless packages meet each these necessities, offering a high-performance different to leaded SMD packages. The PESD2CANFDx collection fulfills all CAN-FD specification necessities and exceeds the necessities of AEC-Q101 by two occasions.”

20 gadgets can be found now within the DFN1412D-3 and DFN1110D-3 packages for automotive and industrial functions, together with CAN/CAN-FD, FlexRay, SENT and LVDS. 

Supply: Nexperia