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RD Microwaves PIMOSL Low PIM Calibration Equipment, 300-6000 MHz


CK-A09 Calibration Equipment

PIMOSL, (low PIM load, Open, Brief, and resistive Load) is a cheap alternative for bench or discipline sweep checks on low PIM methods. In comparison with Take a look at Gear OEM merchandise it is more cost effective and comes with 4.3-10 connectors eliminating the necessity for adapters. For tower and DAS installations it saves vital crew hours, escort hours, and downtime. Together with RD Microwaves’ industry-leading product guarantee, the shopping for determination turns into straightforward.

5G Installer testimonial: “The highest purpose I favor RD Microwaves PIMOSL is that it simplifies what I’m sending to the tech on the highest of the tower or out on the finish of a DAS department cable. One gadget, no adaptors!”

CK-A09 calibration equipment is a single unit with 40-Watt low PIM termination, a 2-Watt resistive termination, an open and brief. Along with the 4.3-10 DIN connectors, the PIMOSL is on the market with feminine or male type-N or 7-16 DIN connectors. It covers the complete industrial wi-fi bands together with 5G CBRS band (3550-3700 MHz) and LAA band (5150-5925 MHz). It’s encased in an impact-resistant housing and has a handy D-ring for securing with a clip or offered lanyard.