Some folks go to Twitter to beg for the chance to check FSD. At Tesla’s Q4 2020 earnings call, Elon Musk mentioned the FSD bundle continues to be not transferable to a different automobile for those who promote the automobile that has it. The brand new proprietor additionally doesn’t get it, which means Tesla will get it if the car is bought. A lot dialogue about it, and the reality is that no Tesla passenger automobile ought to get stage 4 autonomy earlier than the Semi – or so mentioned Musk.

He confirmed that to Gene Munster, from Loup Ventures, when he requested if Semi vehicles wouldn’t be the primary Tesla automobiles to realize full autonomy as a result of they “sometimes journey predictable freeway miles.”

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Musk confirmed his impression by saying, “it appears extremely probably, sure,” including that he had no concept “who could be quantity two.” Contemplating the computer systems within the Semi and vehicles would have “the very same half numbers,” as Jérôme Guillen (president of the automotive division) mentioned, all of the truck would wish is “to switch the software program parameters.”

One instance Musk gave was if the Semi tried “to parallel park” anyplace as a result of “it must know its limitations being an enormous truck.” One other one was “there are turns that you might do in a daily automobile that you simply can not do in a Semi.”

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Now that we all know we could have “robotrucks” earlier than “robotaxis,” all it’s going to take for somebody who desires to sleep whereas driving is to purchase a Semi. Tesla mentioned deliveries would begin in 2021, however Elon Musk confused that 4680 cell manufacturing quantity is important earlier than that’s potential and that they don’t have sufficient of them proper now.

In line with Andrew Baglino (senior vice chairman of powertrain and power engineering), the Kato facility already has a manufacturing capability of 10 GWh per yr. It hasn’t began delivering these batteries for manufacturing vehicles but as a result of “the cell engineering groups refined designs” to the brand new tabless cells to fulfill the corporate’s “efficiency and value targets.”

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All that appears to be left is hiring the manufacturing employees. Baglino acknowledged that they’ve “developed sufficient engineering confidence with our 4680 design and the manufacturing course of and gear to kick off manufacturing gear and facility development to assist our 100 GWh 2022 aim.”

No automobile but makes use of the 4680 cells – the refreshed Model S nonetheless makes use of the 18650 kind issue. Nevertheless, Musk mentioned the “Semi would use sometimes 5 occasions the variety of cells that vehicles would use, however it could not promote for 5 occasions what a automobile would promote for.” If there’s a cell scarcity, he argues that it makes extra sense to promote vehicles than semi-trucks.

Regardless of that, Tesla’s CEO additionally mentioned that “it’s going to completely make sense for us to do it as quickly as we will deal with the cell manufacturing constraint.” Except these batteries are means cheaper than the present ones, Musk must elaborate a bit extra on why it could make sense to promote a car with decrease revenue margins. 

If that’s the case as a result of the Semi would be the first actually autonomous Tesla – proving the expertise works because it ought to – Tesla may preserve the identical FSD technique to recuperate the cash it doesn’t make and even loses on every truck bought. If the 4680 cells can convey manufacturing price parity down dramatically, Tesla could even supply FSD without cost in its vehicles – ideally, not as a beta, such as Autopilot still is.