Tesla’s high quality management points are a subject that has been mentioned again and again, each right here and on just about all different automotive-focused websites. They fire up spirited debates that pit followers in opposition to quick sellers and the talks do generally spiral uncontrolled and switch ugly.

No automobile producer’s high quality management file is spotless – not all established producers’ choices are constructed fairly to the identical normal, so some fashions are higher high quality than others. Nevertheless, being a brand new automaker, Tesla has had an above common variety of high quality complaints, particularly in areas the place different producers have fewer issues (panel gaps, fitment, dangerous welds, poorly assembled interiors).

Some are simply beauty and don’t have an effect on performance, however others do probably pose a security risk, like this defect found and talked about on the The Quick Lane Automotive YouTube channel. Their Model Y (to this point the third Tesla mannequin they’ve owned, after a Model 3 and a Model X) is having issues with its door handles not working (i.e. you pull on the deal with, however the door stays shut).

It apparently impacts each the skin door handles and the buttons you press to open the doorways from the within. And whereas that is an inconvenience whenever you’re attempting to open the door from the skin, it turns into a security situation should you’re contained in the automobile.

Should you’re one of many two entrance occupants, you possibly can open both of the entrance doorways by way of a small bodily lever fitted to both of the entrance doorways. If, nevertheless, you’re a passenger within the again, you don’t have the choice to manually open the doorways and this might in the end lure you within the automobile – we don’t need to let you know why that’s harmful, however in case we do, take into consideration a situation the place the Mannequin Y was concerned in a crash and it catches hearth; folks within the rear could be trapped within the automobile.

However why did the servo-actuated door opening mechanism fail within the Mannequin Y within the first place? Effectively, apparently that’s attributable to the truth that the door itself is misaligned and this in flip meant the latch didn’t line up. When the door acted up the primary time, all it required was to be realigned, however then it failed once more after simply someday; then the actuator itself was changed and that repair lasted simply two weeks.