What motivates you?

Are you pushed by reward or punishment – carrot or stick?

The Carrot and Stick principle of motivation was given to us by thinker Jeremy Bentham, and is derived from the previous story of a donkey. The story goes that one of the simplest ways to maneuver a donkey is to place a carrot out in entrance and jab it with a stick from behind. It’s probably not a really good story. The carrot is the reward for motion (transferring ahead for our cussed donkey) whereas the stick is the punishment for inaction or not transferring.

I’m undoubtedly a carrot kinda gal. I spent final weekend coaching for my CSIA Degree 1 certification. The CSIA or Canadian Ski Instructor’s Alliance, allows me to show downhill snowboarding (which I enjoyment of) to newcomers and intermediates.

The stick was
clear – the grueling impression on my physique snowboarding arduous for 16 hours over three
days. On common, I used to be 25-30 years older than nearly all of college students on the
course. Though it feels good to look again and assume wow that was torture and I did it, that wasn’t my fundamental motivation.

I’d by no means run a marathon, or take part in a Tough Mudder competitors. That simply doesn’t do it for me. I’m a carrot kinda gal as I mentioned. I don’t stand up every morning to Posturecise, to keep away from a stiff physique, though I like that profit; I Posturecise every day as a result of I like what I see once I look within the mirror. Carrot, carrot, carrot!

Additional Sources: Posturecise Crash Course

Does that sound terrible? It’s not that I’m completely useless –
though I’m a Leo! It’s that wanting (and feeling) youthful signifies to me,
that I get to do what I need to do, effectively into my senior years. I need to ski
once I’m 70 and hike the Pyrenees Mountains once I’m 80. Nature is the whole lot
to me. That’s my motivation. I like a very good carrot!

Why can we need to appropriate our posture?

Through the years, a lot of you could have grow to be dedicated posture college students. You enroll and actively take part in programs at Posture School, you e mail to ask questions on your posture and well being and a few of you’re employed 1-2-1 with me over many months. Underlying every of those choices was some form of motivation.

Three pillars of posture motivation

It occurred to me pretty not too long ago that the components driving our motivation to appropriate our posture, could be summarized into three fundamental classes or pillars of motivation.

Three Pillars of Posture Motivation


Ache is an excellent motivator. It creates speedy want for
motion. In some unspecified time in the future in our lives, most of us have been motivated by this stick. The issue for many of us who
use this to drive our ongoing motivation, is that when the ache is gone, so is
our motivation to take motion.

Lack of ache doesn’t equate lack of drawback.

We will be taught to thank our ache, as a result of ache is part of life and eliminating the ache shouldn’t be the primary objective. If we place our hand close to a scorching range, ache in a short time makes us transfer our hand away. With out ache, we’d go away our hand within the scorching flame and get badly burned.

I like to consider ache, as one of many physique’s nice communication instruments. We will be taught to not be terrified of ache however as an alternative, grow to be fascinated by our splendidly working our bodies. What’s that headache telling us – are we dehydrated, are our muscle tissues tense, do we have to eat?


You’d be shocked how usually I hear from you about posture and look.

  • I’ve
    been scuffling with neck hump since my early 20s.
  • How do I
    get up straight with out flaring my rib cage?
  • I kind of
    hunch ahead and this doesn’t look good.
  • After I
    pose for images, my higher physique at all times leans far backward.
  • I assumed
    I used to be standing straight however in actuality my higher physique at all times leaned far

There may be nothing flawed with eager to look engaging. Actually there was numerous analysis into physique posture and attractiveness.  The science means that our posture not solely displays our emotions, but additionally influences them.

One specific issue of attractiveness that has been extensively researched (together with this study) is that of symmetry. You may consider symmetry as good posture and asymmetry as dangerous posture.

Symmetry (good posture)
Asymmetry (dangerous posture)

Deviations from bilateral symmetry could also be linked to varied stressors in pre-natal growth … The extent of those deviations might replicate the shortcoming of a person to deal with environmental and genetic stressors. Fluctuating asymmetry is expounded with varied genetic ailments and chromosomal abnormalities, equivalent to scoliosis … Superior symmetry (perfect posture), due to this fact, indicators the standard of genes which might be extra immune to organic and environmental stressors equivalent to illness, pathogens, and parasitic an infection.

Wow! Now, you perceive why attractiveness is such an enormous
motivation for therefore many people.


The best way we maintain ourselves is a mirrored image of how we really feel about ourselves. Not solely do we glance extra engaging with upright posture, however science is starting to indicate us that our brains are extra able to positivity when the physique is in an upright stance.

I’ve at all times been scuffling with my curved shoulders and that is due to my low self worth and insecurity I suffered as a young person.

In one study researchers discovered that individuals who had been advised to perk up had been extra prone to consider the ideas they wrote down whereas in that posture, about whether or not or not they had been certified for a job.

Richard Petty (co-author of the examine) mentioned that: “Most of us had been taught that sitting up straight offers a very good impression to different individuals. However it seems that our posture may also have an effect on the way in which we take into consideration ourselves.”

The tip results of this examine was that when college students wrote
constructive ideas about themselves, they rated themselves extra extremely when sitting
in an upright posture as a result of the upright posture led to confidence of their
constructive ideas.

Nevertheless, when college students wrote destructive ideas about themselves, they rated themselves extra negatively when within the upright place (vs. slouched place) as a result of the upright posture led to extra confidence of their ideas, regardless that they had been destructive.

That implies our ideas are influenced by our posture, regardless that we don’t understand that’s what’s occurring. In different phrases good posture results in much less self doubt. Very cool!

From my expertise, a need to appropriate our posture stems from certainly one of three motivations, that I name the Three Pillars of Posture Motivation:

  1. Ache
  2. Attractiveness
  3. Confidence

Motivation isn’t black and white, it’s black, white and shades of gray. There may be in fact nice overlap, however it’s extremely possible that you’re primarily motivated by certainly one of these three pillars.

So, are you pushed by carrot or stick? I’d like to learn your feedback on this one. Pop your ideas under.